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Silver-printed Namecard

If you have met me and received a name card printed with silver-ink from me, you will be able to try capacitive touch sensing demo using arduino.

  1. Please simply make small holes and stick arduino nano using pin headers.It will be better to use conductive epoxy to fix the pin to the card.
  2. Connect a relevant register over [R] mark. (e.g. 100K-1M)
  3. Download and install Arduino.
  4. Download the sample code and run it using Arduino.
  5. Open a serial console, and you will see the second value changes depending on the capacitance of the interdigitated pattern. (e.g. Touch by finger.)
  6. When you see -2, You should use a much lower register.

More information will be added soon. Please come back.

Yoshihiro Kawahara,
Sep 5, 2012, 5:42 AM